About Capoeira Batuque

What is capoeira?

It is a traditional Afro-Brazilian art that has elements of martial arts and dance. It is said that its roots are African. The African slaves brought various martial arts, dances, and music to Brazil. Capoeira was born and evolved in Brazil.

There is not a winner nor loser like in other martial arts. Unlike other forms of dance, the movements in the capoeira game do not always match rhythms and tempo of the music. Capoeira is played by two people in the roda (a circle), made by the participants, who play musical instruments and sing in chorus. Within the circle, the capoeiristas (players of capoeira) engage in a jogo (game of capoeira). The game between the two players is created using a combination of dance-like movements, kicks and evading. In a sense, it is a form of communication, an exchange and release of energies, and a discourse between the players that incorporates music and movement.

Capoeira is good for these people.

For those who want to try!

We will teach you from the basics. We offer friendly classes that beginners can join easily, so just give it a try!

For those who to become physically fit!

Capoeira is an awesome total body workout that incorporates both aerobic and strength and conditioning exercises. You will definitely use muscles you have not used in a while.

For those who wants to get into shape!

Through capoeira you can burn an immense amount of calories. The more you train the more you will be able to see changes in your body, including the stubborn areas like your waist and arms. With continuous practice you can improve your overall health and fitness.

For those who are looking for a fun hobby!

Usually people start capoeira as a fun hobby, but since capoeira is exciting and makes people want to improve, many people naturally get more and more into it.

For those who want to make new friends!

Capoeira is always performed in a circle called a roda with people who make the circle. You can broaden your horizon by meeting various kinds of people from different fields from yours through capoeira events and practice.

For those who want to experience a different culture!

Capoeira gives you an opportunity to learn its movements, music, language, and history. You will have many chances to take part in and enjoy Brazilian culture related events and workshops of teachers from around the world.

For those who want to make a goal!

If you continue training capoeira over one year, you will have a chance to get your first cordao, a cord, at an event called BATIZADO and become an official member of Capoeira Batuque. There are many students whose goal is to get the next cord.

For those who want to try something new!

Capoeira is from Brasil; thus, it is literally on the other side of the world. Everything might be new to you, and you might get nervous. However, once you start, you will begin to enjoy your life with capoeira! You will become mentally strong as well!


Do I have to buy capoeira pants and a t-shirt?
No. Anything you wear is fine as long as you can easily move your body.
(You do not need to buy capoeira pants and t-shirt until you have earned a cordao.)
Do I need to wear shoes? What kinds of shoes are good for capoeira?
No. Training barefoot is fine. If you want to wear shoes, we recommend you wear ones that do not restrict ankle mobility.
Do I need to bring musical instruments to take a capoeira music lesson?
No. We do have some instruments for all students to play, but please bring your own if you have any.
Is there anything else I should bring?
A towel and a drink are always good to have.
Do I need to make a reservation for the lesson?
No. You can just come to the studio; however, we suggest you contact us in advance, as there is a possibility of a substitute teacher the day you visit.
What do I learn in the class?
We will teach you from the basics such as capoeira's basic step called the ginga, stretching, some basic kicks, defensive movements, and how to cartwheel. We will adjust the level of the class according to the participants' levels.
Do you think I can do it even if I have never tried dancing before?
Yes! A lot of people who begin to train had not been exercising since their school days. Through training you will begin to build and improve your fitness level and a sense of rhythm.
Is it ok even if I can come only once or twice a month?
No problem. Our group respects your own life style, so you can take a lesson anytime you want and train hard during the lessons.
Is it possible to come late for class or leave early due to work or the train schedule?
Yes, of course. Some people do come late. For the times you do arrive late, we ask you to stretch well before joining. Some people leave the lesson early because of their train schedule as well.