About Capoeira Batuque

Capoeira Batuque is a group whose main studio is located in Los Angeles in CA, USA. Our master, Mestre AMEN, founded "Brasil Brasil Cultural Center" in LA in 1989 and has dedicated his life to spread capoeira and Brazilian culture. As a branch school, we strive to follow his teachings, provide classes and workshops and do performances, in order to spread capoeira and Brazilian culture to many people in Japan.

About Mestre

Mestre Amen Santo

Mestre Amen is the founder of Capoeira Batuque. He is from Salvador, Brazil. He established the "Brasil Brasil Cultural Center" in Santa Monica, CA, in 1989. He is also well known for choreographing and appearing in movies such as "Only the Strong" and "Kick Boxer 4". He has contributed more than 25 years of his life in popularizing capoeira and Brazilian culture in LA through various events. In 2014, he received an award from the City of Los Angeles for his great contributions and achievements.



YOKO is a talented dancer and choreographer who, through her various works, has been making big contributions in the growth and spread of capoeira in Japan. She is the developer and supervising instructor of POMBA, a dance exercise program. She has choreographed for the Takarazuka Revue, a famous all-female Japanese theater troupe. She has appeared in a variety of media as a performer and a choreographer.


Jun is a respected capoeirista in Japan and abroad who is known to have great coordination and whose movements are dynamic. He has appeared in several music videos for singers like BoA and Kumi Koda, and has modeled for major brands such as NIKE, adidas, and Levis. In addition to music videos, he is actively performing on stage and appearing in TV commercials.


Mile has extensive experience using his acrobatics and street dance talents. He has been performing capoeira at a theme park in Chiba for 9 years. At the same time, he is one of the board members of URS Street Dance Association and contributes to the community. He has performed in concerts and in music videos for MOMOIRO CLOVER Z and other various groups and singers.


HiRO is not only a capoeira instructor but also a kid's dance instructor. Under her guidance, many of her kids compete in dance contests. She is very cheerful and friendly but professional as well. She is also an NSCA certified personal trainer and a POMBA instructor. She has performed in the NHK Kohaku music show and has performed for other various events.

About the cordao

A cordao, cord, represents a student's level according to their capoeira ability, knowledge and years of experience. Not all academies have the same color and cordao system. The first cordao of Capoeira Batuque starts off with green for adults and light green for kids, and it takes at least 13 years to be a Professor Level 3. Not every student can move up one level every year.

Aluno Student Level1~6
Monitor Student Leader Levels7・8
Instrutor Instructor Levels9・10
Professor Professor Levels11~13
Contra Mestre    

A cordao is given to a student at the event called BATIZADO. It is usually held at the end of June in Los Angeles. Since 2009, we have had Batizados here in Japan inviting our Mestre from Los Angeles for the ceremony. Batizado is obviously a good goal to train hard for every day.